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The Tuberous Drosera

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Why and how

I love it to take pictures of this beautiful plants, especially to take macro shots. In my opinion the beauty of the tuberous drosera are in the details. Look at the picture in the header. It shows a leaf of Drosera schmutzii.

Usually the leafs of Drosera schmutzii are about 5 mm (2") in size when they are fully grown. Their beauty can hardly be seen by looking at the plant. But in a magnified macro image you can see that this single, small leaf is a true work of art of nature.

I hope that you can experience the beauty of the plants in my pictures just like I do.

The pictures you will see in the gallera were cultivated and photographed by Jean-Pierre, Martin or by me.

Sometimes I am asked what kind of equipment I use. Since 2016 I have a Canon D77 and as a lens I mainly use the really recommended Canon EF-S 60mm 1:2,8 Macro USM lens. The macro shots are taken with the Cognisys Extended Length Macro Rail 200mm, which is operated via the Helicon remote software. I also use several studio lamps and tripod material. I stack the images to get a larger depth of field and the post-processing of the images is done with Adobe Lightroom and with the very recommendable Nik-Software Collection. What "stack" or better "focus stacking" means you can read here.

The pictures

Click or tap on one of the species names and you will be redirected to the picture gallery of this species. At the moment there are all together about 600 pictures online.

Drosera abberans

Drosera andersonia

Drosera auriculata

Drosera basifolia

Drosera bicolor

Drosera browniana

Drosera bulbigena

Drosera bulbosa

Drosera calycina

Drosera collina

Drosera dummondii

Drosera eremea

Drosera erythrogyne

Drosera erythrorhiza

Drosera fimbriata

Drosera gigantea

Drosera gracilis

Drosera graniticola

Drosera heterophylla

Drosera hirsuta

Drosera hookeri

Drosera huegelii

Drosera humilis

Drosera intricata

Drosera indumenta

Drosera lowriei

Drosera lunata

Drosera macrantha

Drosera macrophylla

Drosera magna

Drosera major

Drosera marchantii

Drosera menzeisii

Drosera microphylla

Drosera modesta

Drosera monantha

Drosera moorei

Drosera myriantha

Drosera neesii

Drosera obriculata

Drosera palladia

Drosera peltata

Drosera planchonii

Drosera platypoda

Drosera porrecta

Drosera praefolia

Drosera prophylla

Drosera prostarata

Drosera purpurascens

Drosera radicans

Drosera ramellosa

Drosera rosulata

Drosera rupicola

Drosera salina

Drosera schmutzii

Drosera squamosa

Drosera stolinifera

Drosera stricticaulis

Drosera subhirtella

Drosera thysanosepala

Drosera tubaestylis

Drosera whittakeri

Drosera yilgarensis

Drosera zigzagia

Drosera zonaria