Drosera intermedia (Tropical)

Tropical forms of the birdsnest sundew, Drosera intermedia are extremely easy to grow and are great sundews for beginners. Unlike temperate Drosera intermedia, tropical forms of Drosera intermedia do not require dormancy, and do not require cold stratification. Forms include D. intermedia 'Cuba', which stays very small, and D. intermedia (Mount Roraima), which grows a bit larger. See pictures below and check out the Drosera intermedia (Mount Roraima) and 'Cuba' youtube video.
Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' -Tropical Birdsnest Sundew redDrosera intermedia 'Cuba' seedlings Tropical Birdsnest sundew growing from seed red colorDrosera intermedia 'Cuba' -Tropical Birdsnest Sundew
Media (soil composition) and moisture level:
Drosera intermedia are very adaptable as long as the media is kept very moist to waterlogged. You can use 1 part sphagnum peat to 1 part silica sand, or 100% dead Long-fibered sphagnum (and many other variations of this). In my conditions, the Mount Roraima location form does better in a well-draining, sandier mix, and doesn't appreciate being waterlogged as much as most other forms.

Pot height:
Tropical D. intermedia can be grown in shallower 3 inch pots, but it can develop very long roots. Check out the D. intermedia 'Cuba' picture. The roots have reached about 6 inches tall. Use a 6-inch pot to allow the plant to have ample space for roots to spread.

Give D. intermedia as much light as possible- either in a sunny location outdoors in a minibog or very close to fluorescent lights.

Most tropical forms of D. intermedia can only handle smaller portions of food. It will develop mold if it is overfed. You can pluck the moldy portion off with tweezers and it will be fine.

Tropical forms of D. intermedia love balmy conditions. Keep temps around 75-80 degrees Farenheight and humidity around 80% if possible. Otherwise, 60-70% is fine. If kept cooler, it will encourage flowering, but this will greatly reduce the size of D. intermedia 'Cuba'. Lower temps are not an issue with D. intermedia (Mount Roraima).

Dormancy requirements:
Tropical D. intermedia DO NOT need a dormancy period. They may slip into a hibernacula bud if the photoperiod is too short, the media is too dry, or it gets too cold.

Both tropical and temperate forms of D. intermedia will spread rapidly on their own if they are happy and the media is kept moist enough.
Drosera intermedia 'Cuba' flower stalks Birdsnest tropical sundew growing large seed-filled flowersDrosera intermedia 'Cuba' Tropical Birdsnest Sundew long roots and large flower stalkDrosera intermedia 'Cuba' Tropical Birdsnest sundew leaf growing yellow-red coloration typical when sundews have strong bright light

Root Cuttings:
Very easy. Wait until plants are well-established and have roots that are as long as the plant pictured above.

Leaf Cuttings:
extremely easy. works better with larger, new leaves.

Tropical D. intermedia flower often when fed. If they are fed more seeds will be produced- and they will be larger and more viable as well. They DO NOT require cold stratification, unlike temperate D. intermedia forms.

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