Where to Buy or Trade Sundews

Many growers ask me where they can trade/purchase sundews or seeds. I have a list on file of the seeds and prices that I'm offering. If you're interested on being on my mailer list
, please contact me at dflocken@gmail.com or sundewman(at)yahoo.com.
Trading Sundews
It surprises many growers that there are forums online where you can trade sundews (and seeds) with people across the country! These sites are full of people who are very active traders. This is a great way to expand your collection on a tight budget (especially if you have good propgation skills)!  I obtained most of my sundews by trading people on the following sites:
www.terraforums.com - Only trades allowed
Terraforums is a great online community with a very active trading section, but has slowed down in recent years. There are occasionally seed and plant giveaways throughout the year (but never ask for free stuff or you will be scolded ;)). No sales are allowed on this site, which the only downside (but sales can be arranged via private messages on the site). 

www.cpukforum.com- Sales and trades are allowed
Sales are more common on cpukforum than trades, but a lot of trading does go on via personal messages.  Simply post an offer for the plant you're looking for. Note: You need to register before you can gain access to the trade/sales page.

www.flytrapcare.com- Sales and trades allowed
Yet another option... The link I provided is to the U.S. page, but  the site also offers forums for other countries, as well (as with all the other forums)

Also, these forums allow you to network with other growers. Occasionally, there may be a carnivorous plant gathering near you, where growers come together to exchange plants and  growing techniques. LACPS, BACPS, and OHCPS.

Buying Sundews 
I will break down the most popular sites, as well as my favorite vendors, which are up to date as of August 2012:
Note #1: With all sites, unless specified, you should assume that temperate plants will be in a dormant hibernacula bud, or with few leaves.] I'd recommend purchasing them in the spring.
Note #2: You will likely not be able to find every sundew you're looking for on the sites below. For everything else you can't find, you'll either have to trade or buy from the forums above or acquire permits to trade and buy overseas [i.e. from bestcarnivorousplants.net].

Disclaimer: I have only purchased from a few of these sites, so most of my judgements are based on the price or age/size of plants sold.

And finally, before I start, I first want to recommend calling your local Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart if they carry carnivorous plants. They frequently do!

www.flytraps.com (Cook's Carnivores)
Pros: Very affordable prices, wide selection of species.
Cons: Slightly lower quality, but well worth the lower price! You can find their sales on ebay, as well. Seeds are occasionally sold here, as well.

Pros: A flat 5$ shipping which includes pot to plant your mature sundew in and high quality sphagnum, and great customer service. They offer common varieties, but also occasionally have rarer or unique forms.
Cons: Lack very rare varieties.

www.pitcherplant.org (Meadowiew)
Pros: Excellent prices for common to moderately uncommon sundews.
Cons: Limited selection is available, rarer species may be unaffordable.

www. cobraplant.com (Sarracenia Northwest)
Pros: Decent selection of tropical species, established, mature plants.
Cons: Relatively expensive compared to Cook's.


Pros: Quite a nice variety of mature plants at reasonable prices.
Cons: Out of stock of rarer varieties most of the year, and moderately expensive for the rarer varieties.

Pros: Occasionally you can find rarer sundew species offered, from reliable vendors. Generally speaking, you should not have any problems.
Cons: It is hard to know exactly how reliable the sellers are. Be sure to ask whether the pictures are of the actual plant being sold if there is any discrepancy, and it's always helpful to check that the plants weren't poached if you have any suspicions.

Seed Sales and Trades

While seeds can be a bit difficult to find online, I will try to make your search a bit easier!

Seed Sales
In addition to the list below, refer to the above list for vendors that carry seeds.

You can find a range of excellent deals to horrific prices when it comes to buying seeds on ebay. I made my first seed purchases from miacps on ebay before (my first seed purhases). He offers very fresh, viable seeds of D. filiformis "Florida All-Red", D. intermedia 'Cuba', D. burmannii (Beerwah) and others, usually at reasonable prices.
Carnivorous Plant Auctions and Sales- USA ONLY
On this Facebook page, buyers and sellers deal at their own risk. Blatant scamming is obviously not allowed, but you may be unhappy simply due to the open rules of the page. The major pro is that there is a huge amount of variety on the page, and usually plants/seeds are being sold at competitive market-type prices.
Pros: Possibly the best variety of seeds I've come across online, at the most reasonable prices I've ever seen.
Cons: Some seeds are inviable or mis-labeled. The seeds also are sold from the United Kingdom in Europe, so it is technically illegal. I did not have any problems with both of my orders (although there is risk involved, since the contents are clearly written on the outside of the package).
Refer here for more info


Pros: Excellent variety and viability of seeds all for 7.50$ and shipping is free. They even often offer pinguicula seeds.
Cons: Some rarer species come with very few seeds.

Seed Trades or Giveaways:
These sites are reviewed above:
Carnivorous Plant Auctions and Sales- USA ONLY

Additional Questions or Suggestions?

Please direct questions to the forums listed directly above.
For suggestions or comments, contact me at: sundewman(at)yahoo.com