Anyone can grow tropicals! It just takes a small bit of dedication and a place to put your plants. This site is meant to provide advice to those wanting to go the extra step in growing tropicals in their own home, apartment, dorm, etc. The grow guides to the right are intended to give you ideas on how you can improve your grow area. Lighting, temperature control, growing media, and moisture requirements are four of the main components of creating the right environment for your plants. If you are looking to start your collection or just add to it, take a look at the grow list and contact me about the plant(s) of interest.  

This site is an extension to growsundews.com, my colleague Aaron May has a large collection of drosera and provides information on all aspects of growing. We hope our site will provide beginning growers with a one stop resource for growing sundews and tropicals. Enjoy the site and make sure to contact us if you want to trade!


Contact me at growtropics@yahoo.com

Suggestions? Go ahead and E-mail us any new features you would like to see on the site.