Drosera camporupestris Pictures

Check out my Youtube video that describes this sundew in a fair amount of detail.
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This page is solely devoted to pictures of the beautiful Drosera camporupestris. For more pictures of other Drosera species,  visit the Drosera A-Z index page.  
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Drosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestris with flower stalksDrosera camporupestris with flower stalks
      Drosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestris

  Drosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestris
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     Drosera camporupestris Drosera camporupestris
                     07/19/2010                                          08/11/2010

          Drosera camporupestris        Drosera camporupestris
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Drosera camporupestrisDrosera camporupestris
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      Drosera camporupestris leaf curling over prey  Drosera camporupestris
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 Drosera camporupestris  Drosera camporupestris

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