Tuberous drosera picture galleries

Below, you can see a few pictures of tuberous drosera, which were cultivated and photographed by Jean-Pierre (JPC on the forums), Martin (Martin on the forums) or by me (Lutz on the forums).

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Drosera bulbosa

22 images

Drosera colina

10 images

Drosera lowriei

16 images

Drosera magna

10 images

Drosera major

7 images

Drosera zoneria

17 images


599 images of tuberous Drosera online

Do you have some nice photos of tuberous drosera which are sleeping on your computer or deep in a thread of a forum, where nobody will watch them anymore? Send me (Lutz) a mail if you want to see your photos here in this gallery.