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Grow List
D. aliciae
D. adelae- lowes
D. admirabilis 'Ceres' 
D. anglica 'Kenaele Bog, HI'- Bob Z
D. binata "T-form"
D. binata dichotoma "Giant"
D. binata multifida "extrema"
D. binata "Tairu Bog, NZ"
D. binata 'Marston Dragon'
D. brevifolia
D. burmannii 'Red'
D. burmannii- typical
D. capensis 'Typical'
D. capensis 'Red'
D. capensis ‘Alba’ (pink)
D. capensis 'Wide Leaf'- Bob Z
D. capensis 'Bainskloof'
D. capensis 'Giant'
D. capillaris-typical
D. coccicaulis
D. dielsiana -typical and wide leaf
D. falconeri
D. filiformis 'Florida All-Red'
D. filiformis var. filiformis
D.intermdia- temperate
D.intermdia 'Cuba'
D. madagascareinsis (Botswana) 
D. natalensis
D. nidiformis
D. oblanceolata 'Sunset Peak, Hong Kong'
D. rotundifolia 
D. regia 'Big Easy' -Bob Z
D. sp. 'Chiminimine Mountains,
D. sptulata unknown (compact red)
D. spatulata 'Fraser Island'
D. spatulata var. lovellae
D. tokaeinsis (D. spatulata Kansai)

D. x hybrida (D. filiformis x D. intermedia)
D. capillaris 'long arm' x D. rotundifolia
D. x obovata 'Ivan's Paddle'
D. rotundifolia 'Charles Darwin' -Ivan Snyder cross
D. spatulata 'Fraser Island?' x capensis

D. nitidula ssp. allanostigma
D. allanostigma x omissa
D. leucostigma
D. nitidula x pulchella
D. nitidula x pygmaea
D. omissa x pulchella
D. omissa
D. pulchella 'Salmon flower'
D. roseana
D. scorpioides 'Pink Flower'
D. stelliflora
D. sp. 'Lake Carbarup'
D. x 'Lake Badgerup'

D. ascendens 'Bandiera Peak, Brazil'
D. capillaris 'Long Arm'
D. communis
D. hilaris- not viable :(
D. indica 'Green form'
D. intermedia 'Mount Roraime'
D. sp. 'Belem' (a tropical Intermedia)- Marcos Ono
D. sp. "Floating"
D. sp. Hermanus
D. sp. 'South Africa'
D. sp. 'Zimbabwe'
D. spatulata 'Tamlin'
D. regia- not viable :(
D. rubripetala
Byblis liniflora

Fairly Hopeless Seeds:
D. camporupestris
D. montana var. tomentosa "very hairy scapes"
D. rubriflora
D. 'Rhodesian Beauty'
D.  cuneifolia

Incoming Trades

D. anglica- 'CAxHI', and both bogs
D. trinervia 
D. sp. 'Jacoby'
D. prolifera
D. capensis x tokaeinsis
D.  slackii? 
D. hamiltonii?

Other carivorous plants:
Darlingtonia californica
Sarracennia purpurea var. purpurea
Pinguicula sethos
Pinguicula lusitanica
Pinguicula 'Titan'

Available for Trade/ Giveaways:

I currently have the most spares of:
D. x obovata 'Ivan's Paddle'- medium to large plants
D. rotundifolia 'Charles Darwin'- young plantlets
D. aliciae- medium plants
D. admirabilis- plantlets
D. venusta "coccicaulis"- medium plants
D. binata 'T-form' -smaller plants
D. binata var. multifida extrema

(If you would like to propose a trade, please refer to my Want List, below.)
*Please note that I do not ship plants outside of the United States unless you have a permit*

Free Sundew Seed Bank
I usually can send 1 packet for free, but charge a very reasonable price of $4-5 for 6-10 different sundew varieties, depending on the species you're interested in.

D. burmannii (25-50)
D. capensis 'Typical' (packet of 100-200 seeds)
D. capensis 'Albino (50-100 seeds)

D. tokaeinsis (50-100 seeds)
D. spatulata forms
D. nidiformis- (25-50)

Everything listed on my Grow List is available for trade except pygmies. It may take me a few months to propagate the plant you want, but I would be happy to help you out. I’m always open for trades, so send me an email!

Want List:
All African or South American sundews, or any hybrids not on my list.
I will list a few of the major ones:

D. arenicola
D. ascendens
D. chrysolepsis
D. communis
D. curviscapa
D. esterhuyseniae
D. grantsaui
D. glabripes
D. hartemeyerorum
D. hirticalyx 
D. hirtella var. hirtella 
D. intermedia (Gran Sabana)
D. meristocaulis
D. ramentacea
D. spatulata var. gympiensis
D. tentaculata
D. viridis

D. schizandra
Please contact me at any time if you have a sundew that I don't have listed!!! I will trade very generously or pay in cash/ paypal.
email is: sundewman(at)