List of tuberous drosera species

The correct classification of the tuberous drosera is still disputed and from time to time some new species are discovered, some existing species are renamed, some subspecies become species and some species become subspecies. The last and hopefully long lasting renaming was made in the great work "Opus Mangnum" from Allen Lowrie were some new species are intruduced and lots of subspecies were given the rank of species. In order not to be too confused I wrote in the list the former names according to the above mentioned Opus Magnum.

species former names growth habit
Drosera abberans Drosera whittakeri ssp. abberans rosetted
Drosera andersonia   erect
Drosera auriculata Drosera peltata ssp. auriculata erect
Drosera basifolia Drosera menziesii ssp. basifolia erect
Drosera bicolor   erect
Drosera browniana   rosetted
Drosera bulbigena   erect
Drosera bulbosa   rosetted
Drosera calycina Drosera microphylla var. macropetala
Drosera calycinor var. minor
Drosera colina Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. collina rosetted
Drosera drummondii Drosera menziesii ssp. penicillaris
Drosera penicellaris
Drosera eremaea Drosera macrantha ssp.eremea
Drosera stricticaulis ssp. eremaea
Drosera erythrogyne   climbing
Drosera erythrorhiza   rosetted
Drosera esperensis   climbing
Drosera fimbriata Drosera fimbriata erect, fan-leaved
Drosera geniculata Drosera gigantea var. geniculata
Drosera gigantea ssp. geniculata
Drosera gigantea   erect
Drosera gracilis Drosera peltata var. gracilis erect
Drosera graniticola   erect
Drosera heterophylla   erect
Drosera hirsuta   climbing
Drosera hookeri Drosera peltata var. foliosa
Drosera foliosa
Drosera huegelii   erect
Drosera humilis Drosera stolinifera ssp. humulis erect, fan-leaved
Drosera indumenta   climbing
Drosera intricata   climbing
Drosera lowriei   rosetted
Drosera lunata Drosera peltata var. glabrata erect
Drosera macrantha Drosera macrantha ssp. macrantha erect
Drosera macrophylla Drosera macrophylla ssp. macrophylla rosetted
Drosera magna Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. magna rosetted
Drosera major Drosera bulbosa ssp. major rosetted
Drosera marchantii Drosera marchantii ssp. marchantii erect
Drosera menziesii Drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii erect
Drosera microphylla   erect
Drosera modesta   erect
Drosera monantha Drosera macrophylla ssp. monantha rosetted
Drosera monticola   erect, fan-leaved
Drosera moorei   climbing
Drosera myriantha   erect
Drosera neesii Drosera neesii var. neesii
Drosera neesii ssp. borealis
Drosera orbiculata   rosetted
Drosera pallida   climbing
Drosera peltata Drosera peltata ssp. peltata erect
Drosera planchonii Drosera macrantha ssp. planchonii climbing
Drosera platypoda   erect, fan-leaved
Drosera porrecta Drosera stolinifera ssp. porrecta erect, fan-leaved
Drosera praefolia D. whittakeri ssp. praefolia rosetted
Drosera prophylla Drosera marchantii ssp. prophylla erect
Drosera prostrata Drosera stolinifera ssp.  prostrata rosetted
Drosera prostratoscaposa rosetted
Drosera purpurascens Drosera stolinifera ssp. compacta erect, fan-leaved
Drosera radicans   erect
Drosera ramellosa   erect, fan-leaved
Drosera rosulata   rosetted
Drosera rupicola Drosera stolinifera ssp. rupicola fan-leaved
Drosera salina   erect
Drosera schmutzii   rosetted
Drosera squamosa Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa rosetted
Drosera stolonifera Drosera stolonifera ssp. stolinifera fan-leaved
Drosera stricticaulis Drosera macrantha ssp. stricticaulis
Drosera stricticaulis ssp. eremea
Drosera subhirtella   climbing
Drosera sulphurea Drosera neesii ssp. neesii climbing
Drosera thysanosepala Drosera menziesii ssp. thysanosepala erect
Drosera tubaestylis   rosetted
Drosera whittakeri   rosetted
Drosera yilgariensis   erect
Drosera zigzagia   erect

Because of all this naming, renaming and re-renaming it is possible, that there are some mistakes. If you see one please contact me (Lutz).